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Branden with his 8ptThe 2009 Wisconsin gun season had just begun and that saturday morning you couldn't see more than 20 yards in front of you. As the morning went on the fog thinned and thickened. At the end of a his trail Branden Forst could see a few deer feeding. He carefully glassed the deer to find they were does as he was watching he noticed the does pick there heads up and all stare intently in the same direction. Knowing this sign he got ready for a buck to appear and he raised his gun. As soon as he got set he saw a deer moving in the still thick fog and spotted beam and tines. He lowered his crosshairs to the vitals and squeezed the trigger and watched the buck drop in its tracks. The fog thickend and he radioed for help recovering the deer. The recovery team made up of his brother Jeremy and his father Tom went down to where the buck had fallen. As thought the buck laid where it had been hit. Walking up we discovered that Branden had taken his largest buck to date. The 2 1/2 year old eight point had good mass for its age. The buck weighed 142 pounds field dressed.

Jeremy with his 8ptAfter returning from helping Branden recover his buck I went back to my stand and cool off. The sun had now burned away the fog and it was quite warm for late November in Wisconsin. I sat for a while and I could see a deer making its way through the cedar swamp and into my shooting lane. As soon as I saw the good 8 point clear the trees my heart started pounding. Peering at the deer through my scope I thought this is one of the biggest bucks I have ever seen. I refocused my sights on the buck's vitals. Nervously, I waited for the buck to clear a few final trees and stop. The buck finally halted to feed and I fired. The shot went high and hit the deer in the spine and dropped. I quickly worked the bolt on my Remington Model 7 7mm-08 and settled on a spot just below the throat patch of the struggling buck and squeezed. A direct hit and the buck was finished. I radioed for help to recover the 8 point and my father Tom, and my brother Branden came to return the favor from earlier. As we came up to the buck I relized it was a buck that we had on camera from earlier in the year, a deer that I said I wouldn't shoot when I saw it in the photo. A buck in front of you and through a scope appears much bigger than in a photo. I was not disappointed though, the 8 point is the third biggest buck I have ever shot. The 2 1/2 year old 8 Point has a 15" spread and weighed 140 pounds field dressed. I learned a lesson with the harvest of the buck. I learned to slow down and try as best as possible to go through a checklist in my head. Have I seen this deer? How old is this deer? How wide is it? How long are the tines?

Justin and his 8ptOpening Day of wisconsin's deer gun season passed and the second day had begun with similar weather. In the fog Justin Forst was keeping his eyes open for movement. coming across an opening was a good buck. Assessing that the buck was 8 points he decided to take. He settled on the vitals and took the shot. The deer ran about 50 yards before sucumbing. After a short track with the help of his brother Nathan they recovered the Buck. The 8 point buck is Justin's biggest to date. The 2 1/2 year old buck weighed 150 pounds dressed.