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Jeremy's First Turkey

by Jeremy Forst 2006

Friday and Saturday of my first turkey hunt was uneventful. We had a few gobbles early but they quickly silenced after sun up.

Sunday morning Tom, Branden, and I setup on the edge of the south road just below Tom’s deer stand and we called until about 30 minutes after daylight, but heard only a few gobbles in the distance. We moved to the edge of an Alfalfa field and glassed and saw a couple of birds going into the hardwoods across the field. There was one gobbler in the group and he was responsive but he was henned up. We decided to jump in the truck and glass some other spots. We saw the tom with the hens we were calling earlier. We decided to park the truck and try to walk up on them. We walked and called across two 40s. We glassed the hillsides and walked in behind where we had seen the tom. Just our luck… they were gone and there were no responses to our calling. We decided to walk back the way we came, calling, but ultimately our season seemed over.

We closed to with in about 200 yards of truck and gave a last call. Out of the blue we get a response. Call again and another gobble and another, this time much closer. Branden and Tom setup behind a small tree. I setup with my back to a balsam tree. The turkey came up the hill and became visible. A jake! But a legal bird! As the bird approached, Branden was set to shoot but the beard was not visible to him or our father. The jake became spooky and turned and started away from them and right towards me. I setup so quickly that I didn’t realize that I didn’t have any shooting lanes. The bird walked behind a group of trees and away from us. We continued calling and the jake was still gobbling. We changed our position moving 40yds to the west. Branden and I setup at the legs of a deer stand. Our dad moved 20yds to the right of us and continued calling. He called and called. The jake was hung up behind a group of trees. we could hear him, but we couldn’t see him. I had a clear shot if the bird would move 20 yds to my right. I motioned to my dad to move further to the right to coax the bird from behind the brush. The planned worked! The jake started to move into the opening. I whispered to Braden, “Here he comes.” The jake stepped into clear view. I put my sights on the bird and squeezed the trigger. I smoked the young turkey at 40yds. I Started towards the bird and turned to my dad, “I wish we had a video camera!”