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After three disappointing turkey seasons I didn’t have much hope for the upcoming spring turkey season. Preseason scouting turned up very little on our properties, but we still would try. On my route to school I pass a cut corn field near my house, and like clockwork masses of turkey would flock to this field, with Toms and Jakes in large number. Never expecting to kill any of those birds, I took it as mother nature taunting me.

Branden's First TurkeyAs the days passed, seeing the turkeys on my way to school continued, and turkey season grew closer. Finally, my season begins! After school my dad and I drive out to one of our properties , just to see if, maybe, a turkey would show its head…..no. On our way home we passed that same corn field to see what? 25-30 turkeys with 10-15 Toms. Upon seeing this, my dad turned the truck around and headed towards the farm. After gaining the Farmers, a family friend, okay the hunt was on!

After Parking the truck my father and I headed across the field, staying beneath the crest of a hill hoping to stay out of the turkey’s sight. As we grew closer the turkeys , unknowing of our presence, began moving away from us to the back and narrower part of the field. Seeing that the narrow part of the field was only about 50 yards across, we decided to use that as our advantage. We snuck into the woodline along the field, which was substantualy lower in elevation than that of the field itself, also using this to our advantage. Staying low and quiet we positioned ourselves 70 yards away from the birds, between them and their roosting area. Now it was a waiting game, with me laying down beneath a pine tree and my father farther back in the woods. Dark rain clouds began to roll in and still we wait. Finally the clouds begin to open up and the turkeys deside to head home! But the turkeys stayed to the far edge of the field, to far for a shotgun. As they continued on their way a lone bird separated the flock and came into range. I waited till I could see a beard and I fired. After firing we walked up to the downed jake, and light rain turned to downpour…just in time. The relief of finally killing my first turkey was amazing, and now with a reignited passion I cannot wait for next season.