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Branden's First Buck

by Jeremy Forst 2006

Opening day of the Wisconsin Gun Season. Also, this was Branden Forst’s first hunt. Sitting with his dad Tom Forst he spent as much time that Saturday snoozing as he did hunting, but he would be wide awake for the afternoon push. A few does came to the ridge and a small buck. It was a spike. Branden was anxious to shoot his first buck. He decided to take the shot with his 30-30 at the young buck standing 140 yards away. Branden pulled the trigger and the young buck ran off.

In the excitement of the rookie hunter shooting his first buck the entire hunting crew joined in on the tracking effort not to find any sign but a few strands hair. Almost positive of a good shot they decided to back out and wait ‘til the light of late morning to search again. After hunting in the morning until about 9 o’clock Branden and his father started to search. They found it about 70 yards from where the deer had been shot. To Branden’s delight the 1 1/2year old buck was actually a fork. The young hunter carries the bragging rights in to the upcoming season as the only hunter in our group to shoot a buck in the 2005 Deer season.