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2006's Best Buck

by Jeremy Forst 2006

As the 2006 Archery Season came to its late November break there were not high expectations for the Gun Season, After many hours in tree stands with our bows and many trail camera photos, there was very little buzz about large buck being on the property. Reported sightings of a handful or 1 1/2 year olds and a couple of less than desirable 8 pts. Much of the focus was on taking a doe to " Earn-A-Buck" on opening weekend. Traditionally on opening weekend of the season the best buck is taken, and this season was no different.

I had been sitting in Fred's tower since before day break and only seen 10 deer. Opening day was winding down and out of the depth of the swamp stepped a large deer and I could tell right away it was a good buck. I scoped the deer checking for width, height, and number of points. I rested the crosshairs behind the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. After the sun had set, the hunting crew set out for the short recovery. After a short track we found the buck about 40yds from where he was shot. The buck 2 1/2 year old buck had 10pts, 13" inside spread and tipped the scale at 170lbs. dressed.