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What is Swampbuck Outdoors?

In the Fall of 2005 an idea was created in a class room at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to create a website to chronical the hunting traditions of a group hunters comprised of family and friends. That idea was and still is mine, Jeremy Forst. I am an average guy who has a true passion for hunting and the outdoors. In that classroom in the fall my mind was in the woods and not focused on my studies. I wanted to be in the woods, in a tree stand over looking a deer trail. But resposibilities of school and work forced me to stay in the big city, Milwaukee. I have always been somewhat of a techie and I decided to create a website to relive past hunts and to keep me thinking about hunting even if I couldn't be in the woods.

The Swampbuck Outdoors Brand

Original Swampbucks LogoSwampbucks first logo was doodled in a notebook during a fluid dynamics class. The Swampbucks name was a long thought out process. What made me different in hunting? What made my family and friends different in hunting? Finally I came up with what was different about the type of land we hunted. The dense Cedar and Balsam Swamp of Northeast Wisconsin. The first website was developed on a student webspace hosted on UWM servers.

Refined Swampbucks LogoAfter graduating from college the website was moved to a personal webspace hosted by an ISP. I had never been happy with the logo design. It was something that bothered me. It didn't look professional. On trial software the logo was refined and a new web layout was designed to accompany. In the winter of 2008-2009 the domain swampbuckoutdoors.com was purchased and a much larger webhost was commissioned to house the new swampbucks website. After showing friends and family outside my hunting world the website the one comment I received was that at first they didn't get the logo. Finally I decided to redesign the logo again and a new website to go along.


Contact Us


Jeremy Forst

N113W16984 Driftwood Ct. #1
Germantown, WI 53022

Phone: (262) 255-3819
email: jforst@wi.rr.com